Our marine transformers are designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of Publication No. CB/T4388-20143.Compared with the old products, new CSD series transformer be narrowed about 15% volume, weight about 15%, 20% to reduce losses, please give priority to choose.
    According to the standard: CB/T 4388-2013, GJB 4388 a – 99, GB/T 22194-2008.
    Rated capacity: 3-6300 KVA.
    Rated voltage: 690 v, 440 v, 415 v, 400 v, 380 v, 230 v, 220 v, 127 v, etc.
    Rated frequency: 50 HZ or 60 HZ.
    Low altitude, 1000 m or less low environmental temperature, 45 ℃ or less.
    Low relative humidity: 95% or less low condensation, the influence of the oil mist and mold.
    Low in ship produced during the normal operation of vibration, shock, the swing Angle is 22.5 ° or less and tilt Angle is 15 ° or less.

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