Drager Pac 7000 (CO) Personal Gas Detector

8318676, Drager Pac 7000 (CO) Portable Gas Detector

Every working day places the highest demands on gas monitoring. The device reliably warns against hazardous concentrations of carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide (including a Low Concentration option), oxygen, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, chlorine, hydrogen cyanide, ammonia, nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen monoxide, phosphine and organic vapours.

The bump test mode and sensitivity calibration can be selected via a password-protected menu. The fresh air calibration can be optimally protected using a password. The device is equipped with an infrared interface and can be connected to a PC via a communication cradle or the Dräger E-Cal system, in order to activate the desired functions or download stored data.

The innovative Dräger XXS sensors react quickly and produce reliable measurement results. Very short diffusion paths inside the device, as well as the sensors rapid electrochemical reactions, ensure that any gas-related dangers are displayed as soon as they occur. For maximum safety, the sensor is positioned inside the housing such as to allow gas to reach it from above and from the front.

This guarantees flawless measurement, even when the gas entry has been accidentally obstructed. Dräger offers an optional 5-year warranty for the hydrogen sulphide, oxygen and carbon monoxide monitors.


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