Intestinal Epithelium Differentiation Environments


Product Description

BD BioCoat Intestinal Epithelium Differentiation Environments are an integrated system used to create intestinal models that exhibit barrier function for use in transport and absorption studies of drugs, metabolites and infectious diseases of the intestine. It contains a specially formulated serum-free medium, culture supplements, sodium butyrate, and BD BioCoat™ Fibrillar Collagen Cell Culture Inserts.

• 400mL Entero-STIM Enterocyte Differentiation Medium (DMEM containing sodium butyrate)
• Lyophilized BD MITO+ Serum Extender Supplement
• 100mL Seeding Basal Medium (DMEM)
• 24 BD BioCoat Fibrillar Collagen Cell Culture Inserts (inserts contain 1µm pore size membranes packaged in one 24-well BD Falcon Companion TC Plate with one additional plate)

Key Features
• Designed to create in vitro intestinal models
• Allows for studies two to three days postseeding, 17-18 days earlier than with commonly used procedures
• Serum-free environment to maximize control over experimental conditions
• Saves labor time and media by eliminating three to five feedings

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