LD1800 Lightweight Portable Diesel Pump

LD1800 Lightweight Portable Diesel Pump

  • 4 cylinder diesel combines reliability with fuel economy
  • 12V electric start
  • 31 litre fuel tank capacity (3 hours at 60% load)
  • Fast and simple (one moving part) exhaust eject priming up to 7m lift
  • Grade 304 stainless steel frame and fabricated components
  • Light alloy, marine grade, corrosion-resistant pump body and impeller
  • Glycerine filled compound and output pressure gauge
  • Electrical power input/output point as standard

The Angus LD1800 pump is a heavy duty portable fire or industrial pump that combines the benefits of high pressure fire fighting performance with the ability to move large volumes of water continuously.

The LD1800 design has been specifically developed over many years to meet the needs of the emergency services and incorporates features to ensure easy and reliable operation in fire and rescue situations.

Electric start and exhaust ejector priming mean the pump can be put into service quickly and easily in an emergency situation by one person. Typical flows range from 1,100 l/min at 10 bar delivery to over 2,600 l/min at 1 bar.

Power is provided by a reconditioned Ford in-line 4 cylinder water-cooled direct injection diesel engine developing 44 kW (60hp).

Angus fire pumps use robust pump casings which allow substantial input pressures from hydrants or relay pumping. This can be boosted to high output pressures without damaging the pump or exceeding its pressure rating, a feature generally not available with lower specification pumps. The LD1800 pump casing is designed to withstand 20 bar (maximum working pressure 13.3 bar), 1. x the maximum recommended output pressure.


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