Liquid Nitrogen Transfer Hoses


Product Description

Liquid Nitrogen Transfer Hoses are designed to transfer liquid nitrogen to laboratory dewars or refrigerators. Hoses are available in both 6ft and 10ft segments. An optional LN2 phase separator can be ordered separately. The hoses come with a CGA 295fitting attachment for standard LN2 supply tanks and 3/8” NPT(M).

Hoses are vacuum insulated for easier transfer of liquid nitrogen/argon. The loss of cryogen due to evaporation from heat transfer is minimized by the vacuum insulation. These high-quality hoses are insulated with multi-layer insulation. They are evacuated to a warm vacuum settle pressure of ~10-4 Torr.

Minimal wall thickness is maintained in the inner hose. This design consideration provides rapid cool down as well as enhanced flexibility. The outer surface of the tube is safe to touch. Ice and dripping water are eliminated by valve ends, ensuring user safety.

Key Features
• Hoses reduce liquid nitrogen loss
• Inner tube lining reduces cool down losses
• Internal insulation prevents outer surface overcooling

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