CS-2D Underground Metal Detector cheap and quality Prospecting Max Depth 4m

CS-2D detector is a kind of Underground Metal Detector with a widely usage.It can reaction the exist of the gold and other metal objects underground by the indicators.The detector can be used for detecting and identifying the kinds and exists the gold etc metal objects that was buried underground.It is easily operated,has high resolving power and positioning accurate. Besides the use in military affairs,it can be used as followings:
*For archaeological studies and for detecting minerals.
*To search for buried gold and silver objects,treasure and cultural relics.

*Used on the military mine sweeper.

*The police criminal investigation.


Technological Specifications:

Max. Detection Depth: 4m

Master Frequency: 455KHZ

Working Power:1W

Working Temperature: -10~45℃

Material: Metalworking+ABS

Power supply: Lithium Battery

Display: Audible And Pointer Indicating

Features:Eliminate waste iron and mineralization reaction

Application:Detecting for gold,silver,treasure,and other metal objects etc

Operation Mode: Ground Balance And Discrimination Mode

Discrimination mode:

To distinguish between the non-ferrous metal and the ferrous metal,neglect the small metal object so as to choose the large one in the same kind of metal

Ground balance mode:

To exclude the earth’s “Mineralization Reaction”


Max. Detection Depth is to 4m

Precise Positioning With Discrimination Mode

Strong Resolution,Strong Identification Ability

Saving Energy And Durability,Long Battery Life

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