Angus Forexpan S Foam Concentarte

The balanced chemical system in Forexpan S reduces the surface tension of water to increase the penetrating powder into burning Class A materials.


  • At 1% Forexpan S can be used for small Class B hydrocarbon spill fires involved in a forestry environment. eg. leaking truck fuel tanks or refuelling equipment
  • Economical – 0.1% to 1.0% proportioning rate depending on method of application
  • Acceptable environmetal characteristics
  • Flexible in use – can be used through conventional water nozzles, air aspirating foam nozzles, compressed air systems or dropped from aircraft
  • Easily premixed – with fresh, salt or brackish water.
  • Reduced storage space – one 5 gallon drum will produce 500-5000 gallons of foam solution
  • Excellent foamability – particularly with fresh water, making Forexpan iseal for use in fixed wing aircraft and helicopter buckets.


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