simple and easy to use. Superior performance, built-in audio signals,
more broadband/narrowband channel interval, 3 kinds of output power and
many other super properties. Continuous 4W or 5W power output, and in
time of need, you can use 4W or 5W * output power, to avoid inside the
wall outside the adverse effect of the obstacles and, thereby improving
communication distance.

Main features
Simple operation, and storage 4W channel, transmission power
Frequency range: 400-430/440-470MHz
12.5 kHz channel interval
Built-in CTCSS/DTCS codec
Static adjustable, optional power
Scan for matching the CTCSS other stations
The basic configuration 1600 mAh nimh batteries and intelligent
huge-volume seat charger automatic identification of (type with a
battery charging and discharging function stops)
Sturdy, aluminum casting machine, streamline model
Approved by national WuWei detection authentication
Through the American army MIL – STD810 marking
Arcane technical means


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