Standard Size Hydro Pneumatic Vertical Submarine buffer Fender

Hydropneumatic Fender Features


  1. Vertically installed
  1. Various sizes are available
  1. Low reaction force
  1. High energy capacity
  1. Low maintenance cost
  1. Low hull pressure
  1. Easy to install and deploy


What is the Hydropneumatic Fenders Application ?


  1. Submarines
  1. Catamaran
  1. Fast ferry
  1. Semi-submersible drilling platform

What is Hydropneumatic Fender ?

Hydropneumatic fender is perfect for berthing submarine due to its high energy absorption and low reaction force. Hydropneumatic fender is usually installed vertically

equipped with a counterweight, which provides a better contact area that other pneumatic fenders can not do. Jerryborg hydropneumatic fender is customized upon its

water-air ratio, shape of the hull, berthing-type, energy absorption and jetty design.


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