WASP System

The Angus Fire WASP System represents a major advance in foam proportioning technology for closedhead Foam-Water Sprinkler Systems (FWSS). The WASP System meets four key criteria now being demanded by many insurance organisations and loss prevention consultants:

•To proportion accurately across the full sprinkler system flow range and fully meet the stringent requirements of NFPA16A:1988.To be reliable, simple in operation and independent of external power sources.
•To discharge foam at the correct induction rate immediately the first one or two heads operate. This is critical for rapid fire control. Fast response proportioning will minimise financial losses.
•Simplicity of installation, to give a cost effective ‘plug-in’ system.

The heart of the WASP System is the Wide-range Accurate Sprinkler Proportioner (WASP), which is mounted on a WASP bag tank containing Alcoseal 3-3 AR-FFFP multi-purpose foam.

Standard foam proportioning devices are designed for dry pipe deluge type systems, and therefore cannot operate under the very low flow conditions imposed by a wet pipe FWSS.

Fast response sprinkler heads are increasingly being chosen to provide quick operation for permanently flooded systems, in recognition that early action provides fast control and minimises resulting loss and damage. The Angus Fire WASP System has been specifically engineered to achieve the fast response proportioning necessary to obtain this rapid control and extinction. The WASP System uniquely provides accurate foam mixing into the water supply from the first one or two heads operating up to the maximum operating head scenario. It fully meets the stringent accuracy requirements of NFPA16A:1988 and BS5306 section 6.1:1988. Fast accurate proportioning by the WASP System at this early stage is crucial, to avoid serious escalation of the incident, and prevent potentially massive consequential losses.


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